A model couple: Jacob & Pierina

Oh love! These two are such a model couple. They have been married for about 8 months and they are so much fun! The weather was so perfect for our fall shoot in the orchard and we had a blast. It was different to do this shoot because they were much more comfortable with each other now that they're married; we didn't have any awkward engaged moments when the couple was afraid to kiss in-front of the camera... hehe! There literally wasn't a bad photo in the bunch these two are so gorgeous, I just LOVE them!

Jared: Studly Senior

What a stud! The kid can't take a bad picture. Did I mention he's my brother-in-law? Jared has finally approached the big High School finishing line and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We're not jumping too far ahead of ourselves yet though because baseball season has not yet commenced. So, keeping that in mind we will be revisiting this shoot in the spring to take the appropriate pictures of this good looking guy in his most appropriate surroundings. Stay tuned for more!

Baby Time: Little Aaron

I love babies! And Aaron was so well behaved. We had a great sesh last week with Aaron and I couldn't believe how great he was. He didn't even fuss when we stripped him down. But seriously aren't his little baby feet the cutest things you've ever seen? I can't wait to have some of those at my house!