It's time for a change! It has been a BIG year already! Ricky and I are making lots of changes. We've added a new member to our family, moved back to Rexburg after spending some time in Washington for the first part of the year, and are looking forward to graduating from BYU-Idaho in December. What could be more perfect than changing up the photo scene a little?? Take a look at what I've been up to!

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Emily & Rick: Married

These two are so great! They are such a perfect match. In fact, they're so happy I could hardly get them to sit still. And I think that's they way it should be. I had so much fun with them that I have to warn you this post is a little long. Emily and Rick were married right before Christmas on Dec. 20 and in spite of a week of poor weather the rain and snow held off on their big day.

Rick is the youngest with 3 older sisters and Emily is the youngest of 7 with 4 older brothers. These two come from great families that really know how to have a good time together.