Elsa & The Evans Family

Welcome Home Elsa! Elsa Evans: Born May 16, 2010
She is the sweetest little thing! And Erian was the cutest little boy! I had the hardest time juggling the camera between the two of them. Erian loves the camera and it loves him too! I don't think I have ever met a more photogenic family!

Flashback: Christa

I was looking through some of my old photos and I found this great shoot that I did in film a few years ago when I was working in a studio in my hometown, New Canaan, CT. I owe everything to my mentor Christine Simmons. If you're ever in CT look her up. She does great work! But this beautiful bride is one of my friends Christa Schneiber Ellis. Her bridal session was just gorgeous. Isn't she a beautiful bride? And the park we shot it at was awesome too. It was actually used during the filming of the movie the Stepford Wives Club. It's called Waveny Park. Eat your hearts out.

There is something so gorgeous about Black and White film.

Kylie & Bryan

I love kids! They make me giggle. There is nothing more fun for me than watching them run around and explore their freedom without any inhibitions. When my husband Ricky and I went down to San Diego I got some great shots of his niece and nephew Kylie and Bryan at the San Diego Zoo. There is nothing better than a curious kid! And Kylie was just the greatest. She might be a handful but she definitely has a style of her own. She really thinks those sunglasses are supposed to be worn upside down! What a diva!

Bennett and Jenessa: Happily Ever After

I love these two! There is nothing more fun for me than capturing sheer bliss on camera. This wedding was an absolute blast. These two were a hoot and so was the entire wedding party! After looking at these photos there is no doubt that Bennett and Jenessa are not only madly in love with eachother but they are best friends.

These were two of my favorites of the day. There is nothing more exciting than an excited family on your wedding day. Jenessa's niece was adorable. I could have spent the whole day following her around. And Bennett's grandpa (also my husband's grandpa) is just the sweetest man. This was a precious moment between him and Jenessa.

Doesn't Bennett look so GQ? That gate was so awesome! I wish I could do all my shoots at the temple!